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June 2011



Work The Do – Or Do The Work? Figure It Out and Win the Book!
International bestselling author, screenwriter and renowned military historian Steven Pressfield has a new book out called "Do the Work." It's about how to create and finish anything. A business. A book. A song. A philanthropic venture. Whatever point you are at on your life's journey ...
By Steve Kayser


Question: What is the main difference between the way men and women talk?

Answer: For men, conversation is often perceived as a game of one-upmanship ... shoot, score, win. For women, communication tends to be a more collaborative, give-and-take exchange. They use conversation to establish rapport and connection, the subject of the conversation often being secondary to building the relationship. [More...]
By Connie Glaser and Nettie Hartsock


Delicate, Demanding, Yet Delightful – The Art of Delegation
Delegation is the essence of leadership. It is the soul of management and the empowerment of the organization. Those who will not delegate cannot lead, cannot manage and cannot help grow an organization through the empowerment of its most important resources and assets.
By Cincom CEO Tom Nies

How to Get More Referrals, More New Prospects and More NEW Clients During a Recession
It's hard enough to get more prospects and new clients during a booming economy when people have money to spend. When the global economy takes a nosedive and freefalls fast, it's 100 times harder to get prospects to talk to us.
By Joanne Black

What is Your Customer's Price Tolerance Ratio?
Every customer has a price range where they are willing to make a decision without any further thinking. I refer to this as the Price Tolerance Ratio – also known as the PTR. Knowing your customer's PTR is critical.
By Mark Hunter

Having B.A.L.L.S. Helped Me Get Everything I Wanted in Business and in Life
I was having coffee with a new acquaintance, "Jen," who just happens to be one of the most successful business women I've ever met. I was sharing one of my crazy manifesting stories when Jen leaned into me, as if she was about to share some juicy bit of gossip and said "Sandy, you have got such big balls and that's why you get everything you want in business and in life."
By Sandy Grayson

How to Run a Sales Meeting With a Prospect?
Keep it simple! With so many sales articles, sales books and sales coaching philosophies, it sometimes can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start in terms of how to run your sales meeting effectively.
By Jeremy J. Ulmer


What You Can Do About Information Overload
Today, both in the media and in offices around the world, there's much being said about the problem of information overload. Unfortunately, there's far more being said than actually done. This is one of the reasons I wrote my new book "Overload! How Too Much Information Is Hazardous To Your Organization."
By Jonathan Spira, CEO and Chief Analyst of Basex

Cloud Computing Fundamentals, eBooks and Videos
In-depth look at the fundamentals of cloud computing. The what, why and how without the hype. Compiled for the "Passion for Research" blog.
By Louis Columbus

How to Build an Organization of Fierce Competitors? – E-Book
Any company can become a fiercely competitive company within its market niche. How can you do it? Get smart or die. You are either getting better or you are falling behind because others are surely getting better while you are puttering along. The clock is ticking. The world is changing. Don't wait until you face a crisis to move into action.
By Daniel D. Elash, Ph.D.

Eleven Strategies for Transforming Sales Prospects into Profitable Customers
Transforming your sales pipeline into profits depends on how well customer expectations are identified and exceeded. The highest-selling manufacturing companies have an obsession for delivering strong value over and over again. This obsession dominates these companies' mindsets and forces a new urgency to exceed customer expectations on a consistent basis.
By Jerry Miller

The Seven Myths of Hyper-Social Organizations – E-Book
With the rise of social media providing a massive platform for participation and a social infrastructure that is finally catching up with the conference infrastructure, the social element is re-entering commerce and business with a vengeance.
By Francois Gossieaux


Why Everyone Has a Little Celebrity in Them – and What to Do About It
True celebrities are experts. But believe it or not, most celebrities these days—the ones that keep auditoriums and hotel conference rooms and even bookstore shelves full—are folks like you and I; people who realized what they are very, very good at and put it to use by "celebritizing" themselves (or putting their expert status to use as a modern celebrity).
By Marsha Friedman

Are Your Communication Strategies Really Engaging Employees?
There is only one question that you need ask yourself to find out whether your employee communication strategies are going to engage employees, rather than simply inform. That question is: Can you establish whether the tools and methods you are using to communicate with employees are changing attitudes and behavior or providing information?
By Marcia Xenitelis

Are You Failing Social Media?
Are you a loser in social media? What does success look like in social media? Is it thought leadership? Better SEO? Increased sales? Better customer service? Better customer experience? All of the above? Here are ten ideas for improving social media effectiveness.
By Louis Columbus

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