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Centralized or Decentralized Global Channel Program: What’s Best?

Find the best marketing strategy for your organization

by Kathleen Kiley, Editor, Channel Management Insights

With certainty in global business all but gone and systemic fear run amuck, marketing channel managers are pouring over their current strategy. To decentralize or not to centralize? That's the current burning question

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Pulse, trends, insights and strategy for Channel Executives

Hello. I'm Kathleen Kiley, editor of Channel Management Insights, an interactive monthly newsletter that presents the latest developments in tactical and strategic channel marketing management, sponsored by CCI.

The depth and breadth of industry information has grown by leaps and bounds. Keeping connected with the channel pulse, trends, how-to, and current issues is a challenge for our readers.

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This Issue's Dilemma
This Issue's Dilemma:

Global sales force reductions in these economic times

We are cutting back on our channel sales force. My management is applying heavy pressure to motivate my distributors to help increase sales.

I need your readers help. Which is more realistic … ask my distributors to expand my reseller base or should I focus on getting them to increase sales within the current base?

-- Carlos, Marketing Director

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Mobile Advertising, Hype or Reality?
Advertisers flock to the iPhone. What gives?
by Michal Lev-Ram - Fortune Magazine

Sales on Your Side
Do you know your best relationships?
by Romanus Wolter - Entrepreneur Magazine

Credit Crunch Fuels ROI-driven Marketing
Numbers dictate market budget spending
by Amy Syracuse - BtoB Magazine

Six Actionable Metrics and Numbers
How critical are numbers in the multichannel marketing environment?
by Steve Trollinger - Multichannel Merchant

What Methods Help With Productivity
Serious about getting things done?
by Jena McGregor - Business Week

Centered Leadership: How Talented Women Thrive
Five tips for getting ahead
by Joanna Barsh, Susie Cranston and Rebecca A. Craske - Forbes Magazine

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