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 November 2010 - Issue 16

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Next-generation Partner Marketing

Leveraging social media for the channel

Channel Management Insights speaks with Axel Schultze, Founder and President of the SocialMediaAcademy and CEO of Xeesm Corp.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. These are just a few of the big social media sites, and today most people have heard of them. In fact, many businesses have begun to use them as communication tools. Some have been successful in their efforts; others have failed. Why?

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Social media and the channel ... Channel trends and developments

More and more vendors are beginning to use social media for channel marketing communications. But how do you know which site is right for your company? What types of information should you include in your communications? And how do you get your channel partners to participate in your program? In this month's feature article, Axel Schultze, founder and CEO of Xeesm Corp., unravels the mystery of social media and the channel.

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Partner Life Cycle Management

by Craig DeWolf, CCI Vice President of Sales and Marketing

At a recent channel strategy conference in San Jose, keynote speaker Chris Doggett, VP channels from Sophos (security software), focused his presentation on managing partners throughout their life cycle. The crux of the presentation presented a formal methodology that Sophos uses to identify where partners are in their life cycle, measure their potential, and help to plot a contact and support strategy for each as they evolve.

I was fascinated by this, as partner life cycles is a topic we are conscious of, but it is my experience that very few companies have a formal process for scoring, segmenting and supporting partners at each phase with an appropriate investment strategy. Investment, in this case, considers manpower time, monetary investment via promotions and programs, training, and any other resource drain. Why am I fascinated?

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Five Ways Multichannel Marketers Fail Their Businesses
Shortcomings when integrating catalogs and the Web
by Melissa Dowling - Multichannel Merchant

Turning to Twitter to Resolve Complaints
Streams of replies provide nearly instantaneous customer service 
by Serena Dai - CRM Daily

Reeling in Online Video ROI
Video Metrix 2.0 offers new ways to measure viewing activity
by Matthew Schwartz - BtoB

Not Sure of Social Media's Tangible Rewards?
Take heart, few of your colleagues are either
by Richard H. Levey - Direct

10 Key Strategies to Get Motivated
Forget about all the negativity at work
by Tom Nies - Expert Access

Networking Made Easy for Introverts
Turning your liabilities into your finest networking assets
by Kate Lorenz - The Work Buzz

We selected ConnectedIn Media Inc.'s team because of the many excellent examples of their work.
They have become our trusted provider for this online communication piece.

Craig DeWolf, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CCI

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